Speciality Catering

“There is no love more sincere than the love for food...” 

Our wedding planners understand this thought perfectly. That is why our wedding planners suggest the best caterers in Kerala for you on your big day!

Nila Caterers

Nila Caterers under the Nila group of industries hosts a wide range of services, ranging from food to décor such as food art. Nila Caterers is one of the most sought-after wedding caterers in town.

Vee Kay Vee’s Caterers

Food on your mind? Order from Vee Kay Vee’s! Vee Kay Vee’s Caterers specializes in wedding catering. One of the premier catering companies in Kerala, Vee Kay Vee’s can surely turn your wedding into a great success!

Harvest Catering

The top chefs of the state are with Harvest Catering! Their exquisite food and drink gives every wedding party their unique flavour!

Naushad’s Big Chef

Naushad’s Big Chef has the best of biriyanis and pickles in the country! NBC, as it is commonly called, transforms your wedding feast into a true sensory delight with its tasty cuisine!

Cheese Board Caters

Cheese Board Caters