Wedding Themes

Indian   weddings are known for their auspicious rituals. Every sect in India has many rituals bound to weddings. The big Indian wedding becomes a play of ancient traditions, scriptures and rituals. These wedding rituals are often carried on by a priest or a pandit or other elders.

Bollywood Theme

Yash Raj has created magical weddings on screen and many of us have visualized the big Indian wedding the way it has been depicted on screen! Recreate the magic of Bollywood at your wedding by infusing some of the following elements :

  • Choose destination wedding venues such as Udaipur, Jaipur etc where a palace wedding can be held.
  • Intense firework display.
  • Ball-room style mandap.
  • Celebrity appearances!
  • Loud dance performances.

Moroccan Wedding Theme

Moroccan or Arabian styled theme weddings are gaining much popularity in Kerala. Such theme weddings are usually in erected structures such as tents and canopies and have elaborate carpeting and detailing.
Theme Elements :

  • Bride and groom are brought in a large chair, known as ‘Amariya’, held up by four men
  • Bolsters and Moroccan poufs.
  • Tea pots, soup bowls and glass tea cups are placed everywhere.
  • Visuals of camels and desserts.
  • Hokkah stalls.
  • Curtain work with tassels of gold coins.
  • Lanterns.